• Trust that all that you need to do is show up on your mat and it will make a difference!

We live in a technologically abundant time. People are in constant motion and easily distracted by everything around them. Our daily lives are fast paced and there is a constant buzzing pressure to respond, accomplish, produce and tackle our “lists of things to do.”

Our human ability to engage and connect to our Self and the nature around us has been infringed upon. We are unable to be still and our ability to surrender to the present moment is challenged. To sit and read a book, to make eye contact for more than a fleeting moment, to lie in the ocean and just feel the sun; the simple desires of our basic human nature are often ruled by our distracted and all too powerful minds.

Yoga is your time to Breathe. To let go of the noise and constant motion around you. To have an hour of no to-do lists, to courageously be with just you, to allow yourself to observe and feel anything and everything moment to moment, to deepen your relationship with yourself.

When we can quiet our minds and let go of distractions and genuinely engage there are moments of contentment, peace and abundant pleasure.